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Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer // Modern Romance Wedding Inspiration!

Last spring I photographed a fun wedding inspiration shoot that was pulled together by a super talented team of wedding professionals.  The end result was nothing short of gorgeous.  Sparkles, glass, simplicity and perfection.  Our goal was to do something out of our norm with lots of texture and little color.  What do you think?  Did we pull it off?  

Our friends at Black Tie Bride featured it on their blog and we were so grateful!  And after a few months….it’s finally time that I share it with you!  

modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0000 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0001

These flowers are so pretty.  Linnaea Floral always does such a fantastic job with their arrangements!

modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0002 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0003

Aren’t these placemats so much fun along with the flatware?!  I love the contrast and lack of color…such a unique statement!

modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0004 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0005 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0006 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0007

In lieu of a traditional cake…why not have dessert cocktails?!

modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0008 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0009 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0010 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0011

Our models were not only easy to photograph (can we say gorgeous?!), but they were so kind and sweet too!

modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0012 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0013 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0015 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0016 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0017 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0018 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0019 modern romance wedding photography inspiration 0020


What do you say, Michelle, I think it’s about time to do this again!!  Creating is so much fun!  I wouldn’t be able to take these pretty photos without an amazing team of vendors behind the scenes making it all happen….  

Planning & Design:  Red Heels Events 

Flowers:  Linnaea Floral

Chairs & Glassware:  The Rental Company

Event Decor Rentals:  Events by I Candy

Linens:  Special Occasions West 

Makeup:  Makeup by Mariah Hansen 

Hair:  Shay Wilson

Dress:  Bianka Bridal 

Invitation Suite:  Events by I Candy

Photography:  Hetler Photography – Kellie


Michigan Wedding Photographer // 2016 Wedding Recap!

2016 was such a fun year with so many beautiful weddings.  Each year we are so blessed to meet new brides and grooms that make their way right into our hearts and this year was no different.  I love how Kristi and Isabel have become such an important part of our Hetler team…without them the past few years wouldn’t be the same!  I can’t wait to see what 2017 has waiting for us!

Let’s take a look back on the past year before the new one gets under way.  One last chance to stop, take a breath, enjoy all the hard work and love poured into each and every one of these events.  We hope and pray that every one of our couples has a lifetime of happiness and adventure ahead!

James & Stephanie – Photographed by associate photographed, Kristi


Mitch & Jen – Photographed by Kellie


Mike & Alicia – Photographed by Kellie


Tyler & Becca – Photographed by associate photographer, Isabel


Matthew & Kristina – Photographed by associate photographer, Isabel


Kevin & Katie – Photographed by Kellie


Mike & Christina – Photographed by associate photographer, Isabel


Chase & Katie – Photographed by Kellie


Matt & Jamie – Photographed by associate photographer, Kristi


Andy & Mary – Photographed by associate photographer, Isabel


Andrew & Nicolette – Photographed by associate photographer, Isabel


Bill & Honnie – Photographed by associate photographer, Isabel


Grand Rapids Family Photographer // Maggie & Will’s Family!

Sometimes there are people that just make your soul happy.  I had only met Rachel and her two little ones that day and instantly felt like we were friends.  We had so much to talk about and hit it off instantly.  God sure knows how to bring wonderful people into your life!

grand-rapids-family-photography-0000 grand-rapids-family-photography-0001

This little lady sure knew how to work it for the camera!

grand-rapids-family-photography-0002 grand-rapids-family-photography-0003 grand-rapids-family-photography-0004 grand-rapids-family-photography-0005 grand-rapids-family-photography-0006 grand-rapids-family-photography-0007

Will wasn’t as excited about the camera but he still did a great job!


Thank you for trusting me with your memories.  It means the world to me.  I loved capturing your beautiful family!


Fremont Wedding Photographer // Bill & Honnie – Associate Wedding!

Our last wedding of the fall was Bill and Honnie’s special day where they became husband and wife.  Enjoy some of the favorite images!

Photographed by associate photographer – Isabel.

fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0000 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0001 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0002 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0003 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0004 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0005 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0006 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0007 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0008

Pretty fall colors!

fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0009 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0010 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0011

Gorgeous bride, Honnie.

fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0012 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0013 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0014 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0015 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0016

Look at those cute little guys!

fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0017 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0018 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0019 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0020 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0021 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0022 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0023 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0024

Married and SO happy about it!

fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0025 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0026 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0027 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0028 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0029 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0030 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0031 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0032 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0033

fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0034 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0035 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0036 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0037 fremont-michigan-wedding-photography-0038

What a fun day.  Congratulations Bill & Honnie!


Wedding Day Vendors:

Ceremony Location:  Church of the Nazarene – Fremont, MI

Reception Location: Christ the King Church – Hesperia, MI

Bridal Prep Location:  The Gerber Guest House – Fremont, MI

Catering: Tudors Event Services

Cake: Judy Wallace

Photography:  Hetler Photography Associate – Isabel


Grandville Wedding Photographer // Andrew & Nicolette!

When Nicolette contacted us about photographing her wedding, I knew it was going to be a match right away!  She was as sweet as can be and also goes to the same church as my family, which I happen to love!

Isabel photographed a portion of their day, the wedding ceremony, bridal party photos and photos of the bride and groom.  A perfect collection of photos that they will be able to cherish forever!

Photographed by associate photographer – Isabel!


Praying together before the ceremony (but not seeing one another!)…

grandville-wedding-photography-0001 grandville-wedding-photography-0002 grandville-wedding-photography-0003 grandville-wedding-photography-0004 grandville-wedding-photography-0005 grandville-wedding-photography-0006 grandville-wedding-photography-0007


grandville-wedding-photography-0008 grandville-wedding-photography-0009 grandville-wedding-photography-0010

I love their simple, sophisticated style!

grandville-wedding-photography-0011 grandville-wedding-photography-0012

Nicolette and her daughter, adorable!

grandville-wedding-photography-0013 grandville-wedding-photography-0014 grandville-wedding-photography-0015 grandville-wedding-photography-0016 grandville-wedding-photography-0017 grandville-wedding-photography-0018 grandville-wedding-photography-0019

Those flowers are seriously gorgeous.

grandville-wedding-photography-0020 grandville-wedding-photography-0021 grandville-wedding-photography-0022 grandville-wedding-photography-0023 grandville-wedding-photography-0024 grandville-wedding-photography-0025 grandville-wedding-photography-0026 grandville-wedding-photography-0027 grandville-wedding-photography-0028 grandville-wedding-photography-0029 grandville-wedding-photography-0030

Congratulations you two!  We hope you enjoy these images for decades to come.  You look amazing in them!!


Wedding Day Vendors:

Ceremony:  Resurrection Life Church – Grandville, MI

Reception: The Red Shed – Hudsonville, MI

Catering: Hog Wild BBQ – Holland, MI

Flowers:  Creative Events

Music & Entertainment:  Moonlighting DJ – Grand Rapids, MI

Bride’s Gown:  David’s Bridal – Grand Rapids, MI

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Ann Taylor

Groomsmen Suits: Kenneth Cole

Photography:  Hetler Photography Associate – Isabel

Big Rapids Wedding Photographer // Andy & Mary – Associate Wedding!

Weddings are always fun and so meaningful when they take place on the bride or groom’s family property.  Andy & Mary were surrounded by their family and close friends while they said “I do” under a gorgeous white tent during a super chilly fall rain.  You would guess that the not-so-perfect weather would get them down, but nope, not these two!  Every moment was enjoyed and this sweet couple started their married life together with one great celebration!

Photographed by associate photographer – Isabel!


northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0000 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0001

Mary’s dress was absolutely stunning and she found it at one of our favorite gown shops, Bianka Bridal!


And those shoes….!

northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0003 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0004 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0005 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0006 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0007 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0007-2 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0008 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0009 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0010 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0011 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0012

This may not have been the gorgeous ceremony that these two had planned, but it was nothing short of perfect!

northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0013 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0014 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0015 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0016 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0017 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0018


northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0019 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0020

The sheer panel on the top of her dress is stunning!

northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0021 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0022 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0023

Handsome groom.

northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0024 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0025 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0026 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0027 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0028 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0030 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0031 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0032 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0033

Seriously…everyone needs a minion cake!

northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0034 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0035 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0036 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0037 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0038 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0039 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0040 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0041 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0042 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0043 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0044 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0045 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0046 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0047 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0048

There wasn’t a sunset that we always hope for, but they snuck out for “no rain” photos.  Equally as good!

northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0049 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0050 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0051 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0052 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0053 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0054 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0055 northern-michigan-wedding-photography-0056

And one more because, honestly, who doesn’t love a human limbo?!


Wedding Day Vendors:

Ceremony & Reception:  Private Property

Cakes:  Connie’s Cakes – Grand Rapids, MI

Hair & Makeup: Katie Brey

Catering:  Donkey Taqueria – Grand Rapids, MI

Bride’s Gown:  Bianka Bridal – Grand Rapids, MI

Photography:  Hetler Photography Associate Photographer – Isabel


Ludington Wedding Photographer // Matt & Jamie – Associate Wedding!

Matt & Jamie had such a blessed wedding day!  Rain was in the forecast, but it surely didn’t slow them down!  Their dream wedding ceremony was beautiful and the reception, super fun!  You can tell in each photo how much they adore one another….  Enjoy the images!

Photographed by associate photographer – Kristi!


First, I have to start with this gorgeous ring!  Matthew didn’t want Jamie’s ring to look like anyone else’s…and I think he found perfection!

ludington-wedding-photography-0001 ludington-wedding-photography-0002 ludington-wedding-photography-0003

All the little details…

ludington-wedding-photography-0004 ludington-wedding-photography-0005 ludington-wedding-photography-0006 ludington-wedding-photography-0007 ludington-wedding-photography-0008 ludington-wedding-photography-0009 ludington-wedding-photography-0010 ludington-wedding-photography-0011

This photo made me laugh…!

ludington-wedding-photography-0012 ludington-wedding-photography-0013 ludington-wedding-photography-0014 ludington-wedding-photography-0015 ludington-wedding-photography-0016

Doesn’t Jamie look stunning?!

ludington-wedding-photography-0017 ludington-wedding-photography-0018 ludington-wedding-photography-0019 ludington-wedding-photography-0020 ludington-wedding-photography-0021 ludington-wedding-photography-0022

Grey suits…so handsome!

ludington-wedding-photography-0023 ludington-wedding-photography-0024 ludington-wedding-photography-0025 ludington-wedding-photography-0026

Jamie’s family owns a nursery and landscaping business, so naturally, they potted a tree in lieu of a unity candle.  Love!

ludington-wedding-photography-0027 ludington-wedding-photography-0028 ludington-wedding-photography-0029 ludington-wedding-photography-0030 ludington-wedding-photography-0031 ludington-wedding-photography-0032 ludington-wedding-photography-0033 ludington-wedding-photography-0033-2 ludington-wedding-photography-0034 ludington-wedding-photography-0035

I LOVE the ceiling draping…looks amazing!

ludington-wedding-photography-0036 ludington-wedding-photography-0037 ludington-wedding-photography-0038 ludington-wedding-photography-0039 ludington-wedding-photography-0040 ludington-wedding-photography-0041 ludington-wedding-photography-0042 ludington-wedding-photography-0043 ludington-wedding-photography-0044 ludington-wedding-photography-0045 ludington-wedding-photography-0046 ludington-wedding-photography-0047 ludington-wedding-photography-0048 ludington-wedding-photography-0049 ludington-wedding-photography-0050 ludington-wedding-photography-0051 ludington-wedding-photography-0052

What a perfect day!



Wedding Day Vendors:

Ceremony & Reception Venue:  Lincoln Hills Golf Club – Ludington, MI

Catering:  Lincoln Hills Golf Club

Flowers:  Bela Floral – Ludington, MI

Cake:  Ryke’s Bakery – Muskegon, MI

Hair & Makeup: Hair Culture Salon & Spa – Pentwater, MI

Bride’s Gown:  Memories Bridal & Evening Wear – Kalamazoo, MI

Photography:  Hetler Photography Associate – Kristi

West Michigan Family Photographer // Jan & Gerry’s Family!

A family that laughs together stays together.  Well….that’s not exactly the correct saying, but for this family, it works!

Jan and Gerry have been married for over forty years.  Their first date was nothing short of humorous, giving them great stories to pass on to their children….helping keep their friends and family laughing throughout the years.  On this romantic first date, Gerry rolled up to Jan’s parent’s home with a beer in hand.  (I suppose that sort of thing was legal back then…)  Once inside his car, Gerry asked Jan for gas money!  Seriously!  I suppose it didn’t phase her much, because here they are, forty years, three children and eight grandchildren later….

west-michigan-family-photography-0000 west-michigan-family-photography-0001 west-michigan-family-photography-0002 west-michigan-family-photography-0003 west-michigan-family-photography-0004

Such a good looking family!

west-michigan-family-photography-0005 west-michigan-family-photography-0006 west-michigan-family-photography-0007 west-michigan-family-photography-0008

I didn’t even prompt the kids to make these faces….hilarious!

west-michigan-family-photography-0009 west-michigan-family-photography-0010 west-michigan-family-photography-0011 west-michigan-family-photography-0012

Forty years is great, but I hope you have many more to keep laughing together!


Big Rapids Wedding Photography // Chase & Katie!

Chase and Katie had pretty much the most perfect day for their wedding.  It was beautiful!  Katie just happens to be my cousin which makes this day even more special…

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0000 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0001 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0002

Shooting details around your childhood home is always such a nice change of pace.  Lots of memories and new ones to add!

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0002-2 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0003 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0004 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0005 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0006 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0007 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0008 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0009 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0010 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0011

First look!  (And that gorgeous sunshine!)

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0012 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0013 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0014 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0015 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0016

We walked around my uncle’s house, finding gorgeous spots with pretty light….such a beautiful day!

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0017 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0019big-rapids-wedding-photography-0018

Next we went to Chase’s grandparent’s home.

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0020 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0021 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0022 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0023 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0024 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0025

Time to get married!

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0026 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0027 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0028 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0029 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0030

This cutie is Chase’s son, Logan.  A happy, new family!

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0031 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0032 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0033 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0034

Of course, we snuck out for sunset photos…

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0035 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0036 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0037 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0038

And these two were the cutest ring bearer and flower girl around!

big-rapids-wedding-photography-0039 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0040 big-rapids-wedding-photography-0041

So happy!  Love this photo!


Congratulations you two!  I was so honored to be such an important part of your wedding.  I hope you enjoy your images forever, but even more importantly, I hope you enjoy being married more and more each day!

Wedding Day Vendors:

Ceremony & Reception Venue:  CK’s Place – Big Rapids, MI

Catering:  CK’s Place

Flowers:  Patterson’s Flowers – Big Rapids, MI

DJ:  Chris Bruggema

Hair & Makeup:  Kayleigh Frisbie

Bridal Gown:  Miller’s Bridal & Sewing – Fremont, MI

Photographer: Us!

Spring Lake Wedding Photographer // Mike & Christina – Married!

Mike and Christina were married on the shore of Spring Lake with just a few of their closest friends and family in attendance.  Labor Day weekend this year was perfection making this day ever prettier!  Congratulations you two!!

One of our associate photographers, Isabel, did an amazing job capturing all the special moments of their day.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0000 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0001 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0002 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0003 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0004

Such pretty details….

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0005 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0006spring-lake-wedding-photography-0006-2 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0007 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0008 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0009 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0010

Navy suits are probably one of my favorite groom outfits!

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0011 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0012 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0013

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0014 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0015 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0016 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0017spring-lake-wedding-photography-0018

Gorgeous flowers!

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0019 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0020 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0021 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0022 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0023 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0024 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0025 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0026 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0027 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0028

What a great way to travel to the reception…..on a gorgeous boat!

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0029 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0030spring-lake-wedding-photography-0031 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0032 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0033 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0034spring-lake-wedding-photography-0036

What a fun way to make their “grand entrance”!

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0037 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0038 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0039 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0040 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0041

It is ALWAYS  a good idea to sneak out for sunset photos!

spring-lake-wedding-photography-0042 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0043 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0044 spring-lake-wedding-photography-0045

Mike & Christina – We hope you had a blast on your honeymoon and enjoy your photos for years to come.  Congratulations!


Wedding Day Vendors:

Ceremony:  Private Residence

Reception:  Holiday Inn – Spring Lake, MI

Catering:  Holiday Inn

Florist:  Wasserman’s Flowers – Muskegon, MI

Cake:  Desserts by Design – Grand Haven, MI

Hair & Makeup: Selena from Lyn Philips Salon – Grand Haven, MI

Bride’s Gown:  Bridal Elegance – Grand Rapids, MI

Photography:  Hetler Photography Associate – Isabel