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Nine Years Already…?!?

If I said these last nine years went by slow….I’d be lying!  We met when we were teenagers, married barely into our 20s and now, two dogs and two daughters later……this is our life.  I wouldn’t change it for anything!  Even though I say it all of the time……I don’t mean it any less.  This man is my rock, my every day hero, my best friend and the one person that I need in any situation. 

Happy ninth anniversary babe!  You have taught me so much about faith, helped me gain so much confidence in myself and have always been my biggest cheerleader (male cheerleader that is…).  Life wouldn’t be the same without you by my side.  A lot of women like to joke that their husband is a good “first husband”.  I don’t think you are that at all.  You are the perfect only and forever husband for me! 

Our life….in 18 photos.

ninth wedding anniversary ninth wedding anniversary2 ninth wedding anniversary3

Maternity photo taken by SB Childs Photography

ninth wedding anniversary4ninth wedding anniversary5

Family photo taken by Niesha Rose Photography

ninth wedding anniversary6 ninth wedding anniversary7

Family photo taken by Niesha Rose Photography

ninth wedding anniversary7-2

Family photo (below) taken by Kate Morrow Photography

ninth wedding anniversary8 ninth wedding anniversary9

Photo (below) taken by Niesha Rose Photography

ninth wedding anniversary10 ninth wedding anniversary11

Maternity photo taken by Lila Armock

ninth wedding anniversary12

Family photo taken by Lila Armock

ninth wedding anniversary13

Newborn photos taken by us!

ninth wedding anniversary14

Michigan Photographer // Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day / Weekend!  We are spending time together as a family….one last time before baby #2 arrives!  Have a wonderful weekend!

USA childrens photography


Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 59!

This week was a special week.  One fun thing that I enjoyed ever so much was having our own family maternity photos taken by the lovely Lila Armock!  I am SO glad that we postponed until we had a pretty day… makes such a difference in how the photos turn out!  Here is a preview!  (Don’t worry…I’ll share a full post once they are all done…)

lila armock photography

Something that also made this week so special was that we finally were able to share our unborn baby girl’s story on our new “mommy faith-based inspirational” blog.  Click here to follow along on our journey!  We really felt the love from all of our Facebook friends after we posted it and can hardly believe the response!  With over 3400 hits in the past two days, how could we not?!?  All of your emails, texts and Facebook comments truly mean the world to us.  Knowing that we have a huge support system behind us makes all the difference.  Having faith and hope that we will be able to help others along the way makes every tear and extra ounce of work worth it, so we hope you continue to read and share with others that may need some inspiration.  Thank you So much…..from the bottom of our hearts!

gabriella's hope inspirational blog logo

Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 57!

At our “Spoil the #hetlermamas” event a couple of weekends ago, we were able to photograph a couple you will probably recognize.  I have photographed their engagement & wedding…and they have been models for us several times.  Needless to say…..they are some of my favorite people ever!

So… exciting as it is….they are going to have one more awesome little person in their lives in a few months.  We can’t wait to meet little baby Rathjen when he/she arrives.  Congratulations you two!!

grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0001 grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0002 grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0003 grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0004


Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 56!

This week a lovely past bride made my week.  Desiree and Ryan’s wedding was laid back and so fun.  They were so kind and made us feel comfortable around their tight-knit group which we appreciated more than you know! 

Desi is a marathon runner who participated in the 2015 Boston Marathon, taking fourth place in the women’s run and finishing as the first American female.  That is amazing!  Congratulations Desi!  Read more about the marathon here and view their wedding images here!

desiree linden wedding

West Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 55!

They say that each pregnancy is different and now I understand how true that is.  To say that the past few months of pregnancy have been trying would be an understatement.  They have been though.  I have had months and months of nausea, crazy back pain, emotional breakdowns and other issues that I don’t even want to mention!  It’s not easy giving your body over to someone to live inside for 40 weeks, but it is SO worth it. 

This week I am thankful for understanding.  Although I’ve always known, I feel like lately I have truly grasped the concept of giving your body over to someone else much more important than yourself.  Being able to carry a baby is such an amazing honor that I am proud and so very thankful to be able to do.  Many mothers have it way worse and some can’t even have the opportunity to have children, so my pain and discomfort is temporary.  Joe has been such an amazing man to call my husband.  He works hard at his career then comes home and works hard with me on our business.  He’s an amazing father who loves Addison and our new baby girl without end.  He treats me with such compassion and interest…..he is truly my best friend.  Getting married can be quite a jump of faith sometimes, but I feel like I hit the jackpot!  Who knew that my cute 20 year old boyfriend would make such an amazing lifelong companion…?

Here are a few maternity photos that our associates, Kristi and Isabel, took for us last weekend at the maternity event.  We are thankful for them!

michigan maternity photography 0010

26 weeks down, 14 to go!

michigan maternity photography 0011 michigan maternity photography 0012 michigan maternity photography 0013 michigan maternity photography 0014 michigan maternity photography 0015

Michigan Wedding Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 54!

This week’s made my week post is going to go back a few years!  It made my week because thinking back on our honeymoon made me smile.  Those first days as husband and wife were great!  Making new memories and getting ready for a lifetime together.  Absolutely a pretty precious time in our lives….

So…..the story.  Joe and I got married in July of 2006, which means that we are coming up on 9 years of marriage.  Crazy!  We were both pretty young, 20 and 21 years of age.  I remember planning our wedding and having absolutely NO idea what I was doing.  Sure!  These flowers sound ok.  This dress makes me feel pretty good…  This photographer is cheap.  Eeeekkkkk!  Man do I wish I knew then what I know now…but back to the story..  After our whirlwind of a crazy day (I’ll share some of the craziness someday….), we headed over to Chicago to catch our flight to Riviera Maya, Mexico where we would spend our first week together as husband and wife.  I definitely think that sneaking away a couple days after our wedding was the best option for us.  Time to relax and quit thinking about wedding planning…finally!  What I didn’t think about was my ridiculously fair complexion and all of the other little details that should have been planned to make our trip almost perfect!  Half of the trip I was hiding inside because being in the super hot sun made me sick, we spent so much money on the resort that we didn’t have any extra to actually spend on activities and we made a big (but funny mistake) when booking the entire getaway.  When making the reservations, I put it all under my name since I was the one dealing with it all.  Back then my name was Kellie Vincent.  Upon check-in, they welcomed us with arms wide open, making us feel excited and ready to spend our next 7 days with them.  “Hola Senor Vincent y Senora Vincent!”  Wait….what?!?  I thought I just got married!  And I’m not here with my dad…..!  Who is Senor Vincent….???  So…as the rest of the trip went, we were Joe & Kellie Vincent (even on our wristbands for the hotel).  What a way to start our new lives together!  So funny…!

It seems like somewhere in the Caribbean is the “only” place to spend your honeymoon….but I would suggest to just do something that fits the two of you!  Have fun and make memories.  Some will be meaningful, some exciting and some just plain ol’ funny!  After all….that’s all that life is, isn’t it?!  A bunch of memories tied together with everyday moments, being with the one person you love every step of the way….

Here we are on the last day of our honeymoon.  We were babies!

riviera maya honeymoon

(And seriously….these point and shoot cameras take horrible photos!  I know you were already thinking it….!)

Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 53!

This last week was one for the books.  We were able to see our tiny little baby on the computer screen via our 20 week ultrasound!  And….we were able to find out the gender!  Yay!  We love to plan….and love to decorate, so finding out the gender before the little one arrives is a must!  I know many people like to wait to find out until the baby actually arrives, but I feel like it’s a surprise either way.  The day he or she makes an appearance is such an emotional, fun day….I like to spread my surprises out and enjoy them even more!  Not to mention…..being able to have the nursery ready when you walk in the door is awesome and makes everything that much less stressful.  And having clothes that the peanut can wear is a pretty good bonus too!

So….after much waiting…..we are having a……………………..

baby gender reveal 0000

……….. baby girl!!!

baby gender reveal 0001

Addison told us months before we were even pregnant that she was going to have a baby sister soon… are SO smart!

baby gender reveal 0002

Now…..what should we name her?!

baby gender reveal 0003

Michigan Wedding Photographer // Meet Isabel!

This year, our team is growing even more….so I’d love for you to meet everyone before they arrive to photograph your event!  First up….Isabel! 

Isabel started shadowing me about a year ago as an intern from Cornerstone University.  She has an infectious sense of humor, is willing to help out with anything necessary and overall just wants to take amazing photographs for anyone in front of her camera.  Pretty much someone I couldn’t wait to add to our team.  After the year of learning and gaining talent & expertise, I’m happy to say that Isabel will be shooting alongside our associate photographer, Kristi, all year long!  I can’t wait to see how these two rock all of their events together in 2015!

grand rapids headshot photographer

Here are ten things you may not know about Isabel, in her own words…..

1 – I am the fifth generation to grow up on the family Dairy Farm. (It is retired now)
2 – I saw Harrison Ford in real life once. 
3 – I create Star Wars fanfiction with my sister.
4 – I won reserve champion for a fruit pie at the county youth fair. I lost to my older sister…..
5 – I make short films with my cousins. 
6 – Although I only have three actual siblings, I grew up so close to my cousins, I claim to have ten. 
7 – At one moment in time, I had a pet pony, cow, dog, two cats, and that doesn’t include all of the cousin’s pets also present on the farm.
8 – I was homeschooled all twelve grades.
9 – I participated in three musicals during highschool, needless to say, I love to sing. 
10) – I enjoy having dance parties with vacuum cleaners. Solely, while cleaning house, of course.
2015 is going to be a great year!  I am so excited to have such wonderful people added to our team…it will be a year to remember!
xoxo – Kellie

Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 52!

This past weekend was Valentine’s Day.  The day where most couples go out to a nice dinner together; buying roses, candy and anything else that makes one another happy.  We also do those things, but we try to do them more than just on that one expected day.  Sometimes the expected is less meaningful even if the thought is still there…  Instead of doing our typical Valentine’s Day routine, we decided to book a room at the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids and stay for the evening.  Swimming, playing Scrabble in our room and ordering pizza in.  I have to say….something about spending time with the people you love is much more important than the gifts that  you receive.  Good thing because Joe and I didn’t buy each other anything!  So….this week was made by spending time with my three favorite people; Joe, Addy and our niece Karis!

Now, don’t get me wrong….doing nice things for one another is so nice on this holiday, but don’t forget about the other 364 days of the year!  Each one of those is just as special and probably even more of an opportunity to tell that special person how much they mean to you!

(Here is a horrible quality, evening iPhone photo of two of my loves.  We sure had some fun!)

jw marriott pool