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Florida Lifestyle Photographer // Justine!

Justine and I were Facebook friends for a while, but during our most recent family vacation to Florida…we finally met in person!  She was just as kind and amazing in person as I thought she would be, but I was surprised by how blown away by her that I was.  She just radiated with positivity and confidence which made my day SO much better.  Here are a few of my favorite headshots that we captured around our rental house neighborhood…


What a contagious smile.

We had to take some with our Lucky Fin Friends too!

Grand Rapids Headshot Photographer // Kuirsta!

Kuirsta is gorgeous.  Not only is she beautiful, but she is kind too.  She was one of the first brides to take a chance on me wayyy back in my first few years as being a wedding photographer and I am so grateful for that.  Since her time as a #hetlerbride, she has become an amazing wedding photographer herself.  I have loved seeing her talent grow and grow into the photographer that she is today, creating stunning work every time her hands touch her camera.  What a blessing it is for me to watch!

The day that we decided to get together for photos ended up being such a dreary and rainy day, but we went with it anyway!  We quickly switched photo locations to her sister’s house (which happens to be one of my most favorite friends) and did a very casual shoot for updated headshots.  Kuirsta – I hope you love them!  I sure enjoyed talking with you and taking these images for you!!


Grand Rapids Engagement Photographer // Andy & Kristi!

You may recognize this beauty of a lady….  She is Kristi, the talent behind the camera as one of our associate photographers on our team.  I met her and her boyfriend, Andy, out in the middle of a gorgeous pine forest for a fun photo session last week…and I have to say…it is probably one of my favorite sessions from 2017.  Just scroll to the bottom to find out why!!

I love the way the sun sparkles through the trees and leaves…

So, so pretty!

Then this happened…..

If you were wondering….she said YES!!

Andy chucked the ring box behind him to get it out of the photos….that made me laugh so hard!

I think Kristi was never going to forgive me for keeping the secret from her….but how could I tell and ruin that awesome surprise?!

Gorgeous ring!

Congratulations you two.  I was SO honored to be there for such a special moment in your life.  Thank you for asking me, Andy!!

West Michigan Photographer // Michigan Mortgage!

At the end of summer last year, I photographed this fun group to help update their new website with new head shots and group photos.  I never posted the photos because I wanted to make sure that I was able to include the link to their website with these photos included….so here it is!  Everyone involved was so easy to work with and extremely kind & fun!  Go visit their website…and if you are in the process of moving, consider checking them out for your mortgage needs!   (I even saw one of the images on their billboard one day while driving down the highway!  What a fun surprise!)

west michigan headshot photography 0000 west michigan headshot photography 0001 west michigan headshot photography 0002 west michigan headshot photography 0003 west michigan headshot photography 0004 west michigan headshot photography 0005 west michigan headshot photography 0006 west michigan headshot photography 0007 west michigan headshot photography 0008 west michigan headshot photography 0009 west michigan headshot photography 0010


Grand Rapids Pet Photographer // Annette & Lola!

Little Miss Lola just finished several training classes learning how to behave.  Her dog-mom is my friend, Annette.  We met up on a gorgeous fall day to photograph her progress and new tricks.  Isn’t she the cutest?!

grand-rapids-pet-photography-0000 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0001 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0002 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0003 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0004 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0005 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0006 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0007

Super Lola to the rescue!

grand-rapids-pet-photography-0008 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0009 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0010 grand-rapids-pet-photography-0011

Grand Rapids Photographer // Bird & Willow – Clothing Boutique!

Last week I photographed a super fun project… that will probably make me spend money instead of earning it!  Bird & Willow is a new online clothing boutique with affordable, adorable clothing that I want to fill my closet with!  I love that they have such a wide variety of styles and even wider variety of sizes.  I love dressing modestly, but still want to look cute without much effort… This is my heaven!

See some styles you like?  Shop right here!  And the best part….use the code “KELLIE” to receive 10% off your order, good through June 19!  (You can thank me later….)

bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0000 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0001 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0002 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0003 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0004 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0005 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0006 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0007 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0008 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0009 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0010

Flower crows were made by the talented Kaci at Damsel Floral.

bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0011 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0012 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0013 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0014 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0015 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0016 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0017 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0018 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0019 bird and willow boho clothing boutique photography 0020

Photo Location:  The Centennial Barn – Wayland, MI

Clothing & Jewelry: Bird & Willow

Flower Crowns:  Damsel Floral – Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Photographer // The Hetler Ladies!

This past weekend was so fun!  All four of my sister in laws and my mother in law met me at the studio along with all of our little ladies for a fun photo shoot!  We had our makeup done professionally and our hair styled.  Afterwards we ate chips and salsa and laughed until we were blue in the face.  What a great day!

grand rapids mother daughter photography 0000 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0001 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0002

Not only was I blessed with an amazing husband almost ten years ago, I got four more wonderful sisters too!

grand rapids mother daughter photography 0003

A huge thanks to Katy for her mad makeup skills!

grand rapids mother daughter photography 0004 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0005

All of the Hetler ladies…

grand rapids mother daughter photography 0006 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0007

The originals…

grand rapids mother daughter photography 0008 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0009 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0010 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0011 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0012

My beautiful niece, Emma, will be 13 next month!  I remember when I first met her….only one year old!

grand rapids mother daughter photography 0013 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0014 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0015 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0016

My sweet Gabriella.  

grand rapids mother daughter photography 0017 grand rapids mother daughter photography 0018

Grand Rapids Glamour Photographer // Beautiful Kayleigh!

Our next beautiful, inside and out, woman is Kayleigh.  Kayleigh and I didn’t know one another in person prior to taking these photos, but we definitely had something in common.  Kayleigh’s sweet little girl was born (on my birthday actually!) with a lucky fin.  (A lucky fin is just a hand that is a little different than usual, like Nemo’s fin, missing some fingers in Maddie’s case)

I knew we would hit if off the second she told me that she was renting a gold sequin ball gown from Rent The Runway!  All of my sequin dreams came true that day….  Meet Kayleigh!

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0000

Seriously….this floral crown that Shelby made was perfect….

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0001

Kayleigh’s friend Nicole nominated her and had this to say:

“This woman, is the epitome of a loving and giving mother/wife/friend. She works full time, does freelance work in her limited free time, volunteers at her church, takes care of her husband and stepchildren, and also her 1 year old daughter, Maddie.

When Maddie was born last year, they discovered that her left hand had not formed correctly, and as a result has only two fingers. Kayleigh showed nothing but absolute adoration for her daughter (of course!). While I think some people would show anger or resentment for the causes of this, Kay made sure to spread the word about an incredible organization called the Lucky Fin Project, which spreads awareness about limb differences. She wants to make sure others in her position don’t feel alone. Her loving, passionate personality makes me certain that Maddie will know she is the same as everyone else- she is one lucky little girl.

On top of being a wonderful mother, I can personally vouch for her being a tremendous friend.  A few adjectives that come to mind are caring, generous, and hilarious. The world is a brighter place with her in it, and she 100% makes me want to be a kinder, better person.”

After reading that…I think I want Kayleigh as my friend too!

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0002 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0003

I asked Kayleigh if she had anything she’d like to add and she did.  I am so glad….you will be bless by it I’m sure!

“When the doctors laid a tiny baby on my chest on December 23rd, 2014, I fell in love even faster than I’d fallen for this little angel’s daddy (which was fast). As I stared at her, whispering how much I loved her, I noticed her hand, which was noticeably different than a “normal” hand – missing a few fingers, and her thumb and forefinger were fused together.

Those first few days I was scared, confused, guilt-ridden, angry – upset that my perfect little girl would face obstacles as she grew older and tried to do everything the kids around her could do. I was petrified that people would make fun of her and hurt her tender little soul with their words and stares.

Madeline turned one this past December, and she has spent the last twelve months showing me that I have nothing to fear. She is every bit a “normal” one year old, despite my fears that she might struggle with things like holding her bottle or eating finger foods.

This past year has been unlike any other. Growing into my role as a mother has been the greatest joy of my life. I’m so grateful that God chose me to be Maddie’s mama – that he chose her to teach me about perseverance, determination, and unconditional love.”

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0004 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0005 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0006

Isn’t Kayleigh beautiful?  I’m so thankful to have met her and to call her a fellow “lucky fin momma”!

grand rapids studio glamour photography 0007 grand rapids studio glamour photography 0008

Flowers & Design:  Shelby – The Day’s Design

Makeup:  Beauty By Katy

Hair:  Diane – Cutting Edge Hair Studio


Grand Rapids Photographer // Beautiful Eileen!

A couple of weeks ago we asked for nominations for people you think are beautiful.  Beautiful on the outside, but mostly on the inside.  We asked for women who have been through something, but came out on top, making the best of each step of the way.  We chose four women to pamper and photograph who were willing to let us share their story.  The first of these beautiful women is Eileen.

Eileen is a gorgeous mom of three.  We go back all the way to middle school (maybe earlier but I don’t remember much from that time…) and eventually went our separate ways once graduation came and went.  But as fate has it, we reconnected through Facebook, but didn’t really start striking up much conversation until our sweet baby girl, Gabby came along (read about her here).  Because of Eileen’s past few years, she was able to give me a lot of sound advice which I appreciated more than she’ll ever know.  Even though you don’t want anyone else to have to go through hard times, especially with their children, it sure is nice having someone understand how you feel and what you are going through.  Dear Eileen, you are a saint.  I am beyond thankful for you!

Meet Eileen:

grand rapids portrait photography 0001

Leah, another friend from school, nominated Eileen after following her through her story.  This is what she had to say:

“I would like to nominate Eileen for the beautiful person contest. I first met Eileen in middle school, and continued to know her through High school. She was that quiet smart girl that was a friend to everyone. I remember one day in gym class her telling me about her boyfriend and how she was going to marry him and start a family, and that is exactly what she did. I remember hearing about Eileen getting married and figured kids were soon to follow. Years later I was on Facebook and saw that one of her daughters was sick. Reading more into the posts I realized how sick Emma really was. One of my biggest fears is something minor or major happening to my children, I am what my husband calls “Momma Bear”, and I was reading how all these things that I feared and many people fear were happening to Eileen. Emma had been diagnosed with Leukemia and my heart sank when I read the words. My mind couldn’t even began to handle or contemplate what Eileen was going through or what her family was about to endure.

Now, as time went on and Eileen kept everyone posted about Emma’s status I realized what a strong woman and mother she was.  She took everything in stride and kept her faith in God and just took everything day by day. There were so many setbacks and other medical things that popped up for Emma and just when you would think that Eileen would break, she just kept trucking on. What else was she going to do? Give up? No not Eileen.  She had to keep going for Emma, for her two other children, and for her husband that she told me about many years ago, back in high school. I would read her posts some days and just feel so exhausted for her, and I wasn’t even going through this or could even imagine it. There were so many times I just thought, wow, she is just an amazing person and I hope she knows that. Now just this past fall Emma had finished with treatments and life was starting to slow down with hospital visits and check ups with specialty doctors, and you would think that her story would stop there, but no not with a person like Eileen. She and her husband wanted to do more and they took in foster children. They want to make a difference for kids and give them loving homes and they are just the people to do so. Then sickness struck again.  They had not had the kids very long and the baby became ill. Eileen was back in another scenario she knew all too well.  The ER departments, and the children’s hospital. The baby ended up having to be on a ventilator and the stay was very long. The other part that broke my heart is that it was over Christmas. Eileen was torn between kids at home again and another sick one in the hospital, and like the Angel she is she didn’t let the situation beat her. She found a way to be there for her children and the baby and still function as a woman. She reminds me of the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going.”

grand rapids portrait photography 0002

Now I know that she probably just about hates having photos of herself posted!  Us “behind the scenes” moms are like that….but everyone deserves to feel beautiful!  And Eileen is definitely just that.

grand rapids portrait photography 0003 grand rapids portrait photography 0004

grand rapids portrait photography 0005

Florals & Design:  Shelby – The Day’s Design

Makeup:  Beauty By Katy

Hair:  Diane – Cutting Edge Hair Salon

West Michigan Photographer // Rich & Sheri – 16th Wedding Anniversary!

Rich & Sheri celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary by having photos taken to help remember the milestone.  Aren’t they the cutest?!!

west michigan anniversary photography 0000 west michigan anniversary photography 0001 west michigan anniversary photography 0002

We took all of their photos at their home…..such a gorgeous place with lovely landscaping, making a great backdrop for the photos!

west michigan anniversary photography 0003 west michigan anniversary photography 0004 west michigan anniversary photography 0005 west michigan anniversary photography 0006 west michigan anniversary photography 0007 west michigan anniversary photography 0008 west michigan anniversary photography 0009

What wind….?!

west michigan anniversary photography 0010 west michigan anniversary photography 0011 west michigan anniversary photography 0012 west michigan anniversary photography 0013

Happy anniversary you two!  Thank you for asking me to your home to photograph such a wonderful occasion.  I hope you are blessed with decades more!!

west michigan anniversary photography 0014