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Grand Rapids Family Photographer // Amari’s Family!

Amari is going to be a big brother…..what a fun time in this family’s life!

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Orlando Maternity Photographer // Shannon & Rick!

Do you remember Rick and Shannon’s beautiful wedding from a few years ago?  Well…..these two are adding a sweet little one their family in a few weeks!  Seeing families grow is the best part of my job.  From engagement session to wedding day to baby #1, #2, #3……..being a part of your family is what I love!!

While on our family vacation in Orlando, Florida this February, I met up with Shannon and Rick for a few hours to capture these images.  I hope you two love them and enjoy your baby girl even more!

orlando florida maternity photography 0000 orlando florida maternity photography 0001 orlando florida maternity photography 0002

It was a little hazy that morning which gave us a little glow for the first half hour….

orlando florida maternity photography 0003 orlando florida maternity photography 0004 orlando florida maternity photography 0005 orlando florida maternity photography 0006 orlando florida maternity photography 0007 orlando florida maternity photography 0008 orlando florida maternity photography 0009

Shannon is such a gorgeous momma-to-be!!

orlando florida maternity photography 0010 orlando florida maternity photography 0011

I loved all of her dresses, but I think this one was my favorite.  So, so pretty!

orlando florida maternity photography 0012 orlando florida maternity photography 0013 orlando florida maternity photography 0014 orlando florida maternity photography 0015 orlando florida maternity photography 0016 orlando florida maternity photography 0017

Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer // James & Molly!

Molly and James are having their first little baby.  Molly was my daughter, Addison’s, preschool teacher this past year and we simply adore her.  If she is even half as good at being a mom as she is a teacher, then her little one will be one blessed baby!  

grand rapids maternity photography 0000 grand rapids maternity photography 0001

I love Molly’s style…..simply gorgeous!

grand rapids maternity photography 0002 grand rapids maternity photography 0003 grand rapids maternity photography 0004 grand rapids maternity photography 0005 grand rapids maternity photography 0006 grand rapids maternity photography 0007

The beautiful evening light, their connection….perfect!

grand rapids maternity photography 0008 grand rapids maternity photography 0009 grand rapids maternity photography 0010 grand rapids maternity photography 0011

Congratulations you two!  I can’t wait to meet Baby R!!

grand rapids maternity photography 0012 grand rapids maternity photography 0013

Grand Rapids Photographer // Erin + John + Baby Girl!

John and Erin are awesome which means that their baby girl is probably going to be awesome too.  I love seeing couples that I photographed get married start their families.  Being there during all of their special moments makes me feel involved in their lives and makes me love my job even more.  Knowing that they will have photos to cherish and to pass on to their grandchildren makes every second sitting in front of this computer screen worth it.  I hope they treasure the images as much as I do!

grand rapids portrait photographer 0000 grand rapids portrait photographer 0001 grand rapids portrait photographer 0002

Erin is seriously gorgeous.  Doesn’t she make the prettiest momma to be?!

grand rapids portrait photographer 0003 grand rapids portrait photographer 0004 grand rapids portrait photographer 0005

See their wedding photos here

grand rapids portrait photographer 0006 grand rapids portrait photographer 0007 grand rapids portrait photographer 0008 grand rapids portrait photographer 0009 grand rapids portrait photographer 0010

Congratulations you two.  I can’t wait to meet her!

grand rapids portrait photographer 0011

Chicago Maternity Photographer // Aletha + Greg!

Greg and Aletha were in Chicago for her sister’s wedding.  I was the photographer, she was the fantastic wedding planner/bridesmaid.  Being over 20 weeks pregnant….what a better time and place to do a maternity session?!  We decided just a quick session would be best…..after all….shooting outdoors when it is 93 degrees isn’t always the greatest idea!

This is baby #2 for these two….making Eames a big brother.  They are waiting to find out the baby’s gender, but I’m guessing a little baby girl will maker her appearance in January!  I can’t wait to meet her…..!

(Disclaimer:  I don’t actually know if the baby will be a girl, that is just my guess.  No need to start any rumors :)  )

chicago maternity photography 000 chicago maternity photography 001 chicago maternity photography 002 chicago maternity photography 003

Love these two!

chicago maternity photography 004


chicago maternity photography 005

Grand Rapids Photographer  // Spring Mini-Sessions: Day 1!

Our mini sessions from last weekend were such a great hit!  We did them a little different this time, offering extended sessions (45 minutes) allowing for more photo time….which worked out wonderfully!  This 29 week preggo lady was exhausted and paid for it the next day, but six more families have photos to cherish for a lifetime….so that makes it all worth it!

grand rapids family photography 0001 grand rapids family photography 0002 grand rapids family photography 0003 grand rapids family photography 0004 grand rapids family photography 0005 grand rapids family photography 0006 grand rapids family photography 0007 grand rapids family photography 0008 grand rapids family photography 0009

It’s always fun getting to make the big announcements….Matt & Jonice are having a girl!!

grand rapids family photography 0010 grand rapids family photography 0011

I love these images of Elyse.  I may or may not have went out the next day and bought myself a big sun hat for our maternity photos this week!

grand rapids family photography 0012 grand rapids family photography 0013 grand rapids family photography 0014 grand rapids family photography 0015 grand rapids family photography 0016 grand rapids family photography 0017 grand rapids family photography 0018 grand rapids family photography 0019 grand rapids family photography 0020

Haha!  Baby brother finally gets his hands on that hair!

grand rapids family photography 0021 grand rapids family photography 0022

My sweet niece, Isabella.

grand rapids family photography 0023 grand rapids family photography 0024 grand rapids family photography 0025

Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 57!

At our “Spoil the #hetlermamas” event a couple of weekends ago, we were able to photograph a couple you will probably recognize.  I have photographed their engagement & wedding…and they have been models for us several times.  Needless to say…..they are some of my favorite people ever!

So… exciting as it is….they are going to have one more awesome little person in their lives in a few months.  We can’t wait to meet little baby Rathjen when he/she arrives.  Congratulations you two!!

grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0001 grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0002 grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0003 grand rapids pregnancy announcement photography 0004


West Michigan Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 55!

They say that each pregnancy is different and now I understand how true that is.  To say that the past few months of pregnancy have been trying would be an understatement.  They have been though.  I have had months and months of nausea, crazy back pain, emotional breakdowns and other issues that I don’t even want to mention!  It’s not easy giving your body over to someone to live inside for 40 weeks, but it is SO worth it. 

This week I am thankful for understanding.  Although I’ve always known, I feel like lately I have truly grasped the concept of giving your body over to someone else much more important than yourself.  Being able to carry a baby is such an amazing honor that I am proud and so very thankful to be able to do.  Many mothers have it way worse and some can’t even have the opportunity to have children, so my pain and discomfort is temporary.  Joe has been such an amazing man to call my husband.  He works hard at his career then comes home and works hard with me on our business.  He’s an amazing father who loves Addison and our new baby girl without end.  He treats me with such compassion and interest…..he is truly my best friend.  Getting married can be quite a jump of faith sometimes, but I feel like I hit the jackpot!  Who knew that my cute 20 year old boyfriend would make such an amazing lifelong companion…?

Here are a few maternity photos that our associates, Kristi and Isabel, took for us last weekend at the maternity event.  We are thankful for them!

michigan maternity photography 0010

26 weeks down, 14 to go!

michigan maternity photography 0011 michigan maternity photography 0012 michigan maternity photography 0013 michigan maternity photography 0014 michigan maternity photography 0015

Michigan Maternity Photographer // “Spoil The Mamas” Maternity Event!

This past weekend we had a fun-filled maternity event for all of our #hetlermamas.  Pregnancy can be rough and no one knows how much until they actually go through it!  Since Joe and I are adding our second baby this summer, we thought it would be fun to spoil our expectant mamas with a free mini photo session and a fun goodie bag!  I think we accomplished that!

We also used this event as training for our team… warm up for the upcoming portrait and wedding season.  Because it was so quick paced, it proved to be challenging, but everyone walked away learning a thing or two…..!  All in all, I’d say it was a success!

Here are some photos that I took of these lovely ladies……minus one who took some announcement photos we can’t share yet.  Soon enough!!

grand rapids maternity photography 000 grand rapids maternity photography 001 grand rapids maternity photography 002 grand rapids maternity photography 003

I love how happy everyone looks!

grand rapids maternity photography 004 grand rapids maternity photography 005 grand rapids maternity photography 006

I photographed several of these couple’s weddings in the it was so fun to see them again and watch their family grow!

grand rapids maternity photography 007 grand rapids maternity photography 008 grand rapids maternity photography 009 grand rapids maternity photography 010 grand rapids maternity photography 011 grand rapids maternity photography 012

Payton had her baby girl yesterday!  We made it just in the nick of time!

grand rapids maternity photography 013

A few favorites from Isabel:

spring maternity photography 000 spring maternity photography 001 spring maternity photography 002 spring maternity photography 003

A few from Kristi:

michigan maternitiy photographer 000 michigan maternitiy photographer 001 michigan maternitiy photographer 002 michigan maternitiy photographer 003

And a few more from the coolest guy I know, Joe!  This was his first maternity session ever….I’d say he did a pretty awesome job!

west michigan maternity photography 000 west michigan maternity photography 001 west michigan maternity photography 002 west michigan maternity photography 003

Making sure our team continues to grow in experience and talent is SO important to us.  People may think we are crazy for doing free events, but what’s wrong with blessing people and learning at the same time?!  I’d say nothing!  I can’t wait to see all of these new little ones…!

Grand Rapids Photographer // Made My Week – Vol 43!

Remember these two??  They were married in 2011 and we were lucky enough to photograph it!  Fast forward a few years….and here we are!  Getting ready to celebrate with Sean & Lauren one more time!

So…what made my week this week?  Sean & Lauren are expecting a baby and I was, once again, lucky to be able to photograph their announcement!  Congratulations you two.  We can’t wait to see that little peanut!

grand rapids wedding photography 0000 grand rapids wedding photography 0002 firefighter birth announcement1 firefighter birth announcement2